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What is myStrom?

myStrom is a simple energy management system - an innovative feature of the myStrom Powerline ECO LAN and ECO Control adapters. WIth myStrom you can simply switch devices on and off remotely and control the energy usage in your home.

How does it work?

Thanks to the Powerline Technology your existing electrical network becomes a network allowing you to access the Internet. The myStrom service allows you to remotely access the adapters and any device that is connected to them. You can also switch them off and on remotely and control their energy usage. With the Powerline ECO LAN Adapters you can access the Internet. You think it's too complicated? This short movie will explain it all quite simply.


As easy as 1-2-3

  1. Buy the myStrom ECO Powerline Starter Kit

    You first buy a Powerline ECO LAN or an ECO Control Starter Kit directly here from our Online Shop and install it in your home.

  2. Register your myStrom Adapters

    You register the adapters on this very website www.mystrom.ch

  3. Use myStrom

    The free myStrom basic account allows you to use the myStrom service immediately and switch the devices that are connected to the adapters off and on remotely, through the web. In order to use the full range of functionalities offered by myStrom, you must become a Premium user.